04 October, 2011


Saw a very stubborn and non receptive patient today.
DM and hyperlipidaemia with HbA1c increased from 7.6 to 7.7.
He was NORMAL at the beginning but get agitated when I started to consult him.
Claimed that he knew EVERYTHING and it's unnecessary for him to see dietitian or case manager.

''HbA1c 7.7 is not really high''
''Sometimes I won't take afternoon meds as I may forget''
''Fruit juice is something natural, our body needs sugar, why I can't take it?''
''I know exercise is good for my health and it's not that I don't have time, I'm just being lazy''
''I'm only taking sugary food once in a while. What's the quality of life if I have to reduce it.''
''If I have to control my diet or exercise, I would rather die earlier''

Fine! Apparently he knew EVERYTHING.
I've seen so many patients for the past two years. No doubt he is the first one who really get on my nerves. >.<
Even though I was so annoyed, yet I have to appease him and play my part in educating him. (although he was still refuse to listen properly and patiently).

There're so many different kinds of patient that we encountered. Some of them can be so receptive and compliant with the diet advised. Somehow some of them....are just like the case above. We can only try our best to help improve your health. But, it's your own health. Whether you want to improve, or continue pursuing your so-called quality of life -- UP TO YOU to decide.

I think this is definitely a good job for a grumpy girl like me to improve my EQ. However, there's still a HUGE room for me to improve as I already OS ''cilaka'' few times today!

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